About Us

Rivecowe.com.ph  is a marketing site of Mondexpro Mktg Services for Rivecowe Philippines.  Rivecowe is a Korean brand specializing in good base makeup and skin care products produced in Korea. The word “Rivecowe” is derived from the phrase “RIsing Skin, LoVEly Skin and the COsmetics WEll”. These two phrases were merged to form a name that has become synonymous with beauty. Rivecowe products have special ingredient formulated as “Special Herb No. 8”. These special herbs include lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, borage, sage, jasmine, chamomile. Admittedly, these herbs have special health benefits. Lavender is for anti-inflammatory; Rosemary is for preventing aging and anti-bacterial; Thyme is for antiseptics; Mint is for anti-inflammatory and for refreshingness; Borage is for anti-inflammatory; Sage is for whitening and sterilizing; Jasmine is to improve skin elasticity, and Chamomile is a moisturizer and antiseptics. Rivecowe Philippines Mondexpro Mktg Services Units 504-P to 508-P, Pacific Drive, Five Ecom Center Building Pacific Drive Extension Block 18, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay 1300 Philippines Seller’s Support Center 2823 2E Phases Bldg., Zamora St., Pasay City Phone: (02) 8313139 Mobile: 0917-566-6339 website: www.rivecowe.com.ph email: mondexmktgservices@gmail.com / sales@rivecowe.com.ph